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Neverland - Nevermind

Posted on July 20 2018

Once upon a time, when I was very young, I had a deep and sincere fear that one day I would grow up, get boring and listen to really bad country music. The years passed, I grew up, got married, had a couple of kids, briefly experienced a single mom chapter and then once again found love. I found my first love - myself. I shifted my focus on those things that keep me youthful and fuel my spirit - music, art, and design. On the outside some would say that I'm beginning to grow old but I know the truth. 

This website it a result of all those things that I love to create that bring me profound joy. Most of the art and designs are inspired by those courageous souls that hit the road day after day and entertain. Live music is another one of my passions and the songs that I hear hugely influence my creations.

Sometimes inspiration also rises out of tragedy. There was a deeply difficult time in my life when I watched two of the most beloved men in my life slowly die. My father and stepfather passed away less than a year apart, both after months of illness. I started to draw sugar skulls as a way to process the pain that was surrounding me. It was a time of angrily questioning God and yet gently understanding that everything was unfolding as it needed to. It was such a paradox filled with the beauty of having time to appreciate them both and yet it was a time that was shadowed by ultimately having to say goodbye. It was a strangely dark, painful period and yet, somehow, so utterly beautiful. To me, that parallels the beauty of sugar skulls and now I look at them, and skull motifs, as a gentle reminder of that time in my life and that my time is limited.

So, this is what pushes me on. Pushes me to find the time to be a devoted mother, a loving wife, a dedicated community leader and to somehow find the time to enjoy my true passion - creating! I also push to remain true to who I am and what I create, even if some people choose to judge without understanding.

Jackie Wall Studio is not your typical website. You never know what will pop up next! I decided a long time ago to embrace my age and who I am. Neverland is not some fairy tale world - it is a state of mind, a state of spirit. Some may be looking for that Neverland of eternal youth and simplicity but for this 46 year old, I know the truth and that is why all I can say is - Never Mind!


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